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Power Pucks®
Wireless Sensor
Engineered Solutions

Power Pucks® come in different configurations to meet wireless sensor needs. All provide key benefits of long-life, renewable energy including:

• Extremely long-life based on Seebeck effect
• Full product solution – no development needed
• Environmentally friendly, ROHS-compliant
• Installs of less than 1-minute
• Industrial strength packaging designed for use in harsh environments

For those who want a plug-and-play solution to replace batteries, All-in-One configurations provide integrated solutions to replace batteries with long-life power. Examples of wireless sensor systems and radios that can be powered with All-in-Ones include MicroStrain sensors and radios, Digi sensors and radios, Texas Instruments radio solutions, MicroChip radios, Atmel, etc., and any other wireless sensor that can be powered from regulated voltage. All-in-One Power Pucks include embedded electronics and energy storage, an integrated battery backup, smart power management and voltage regulation for plug-and-play use with wireless sensors.

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Energy Harvesters

For those who want to connect into energy harvester-compatible electronics, Power Puck-EH products provide power outputs over a range of voltages that can supply energy to storage and power management electronics.

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Combo Packs
This combination is the most configurable to varying voltages (from 8V-24V), energy storage options, and back-up battery configurations. It is suited for partners looking to get the benefits of long-life renewable energy for sensors that are not immediately covered by the Power Puck All-in-Ones or Power Puck-EH units.

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Perpetua includes all that is needed to use Power Pucks out of the box, and also offers additional cables, adapters, and mounting options to make it easy for you to install your new system.

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