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The benefits of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) for many process industries are well established.  These devices, and their wireless networks, are enabling the monitoring of processes that have heretofore been either very difficult and/or prohibitively expensive. They allow an expanded, data-based picture of the operations with the potential to significantly benefit the business.

A key enabler of WSN are the batteries which power the sensors- both their measurement functionality and the wireless network reporting their results.  Depending upon the specifics of the sensor and application, these specialty batteries may provide years of reliable, maintenance-free operation, and deliver the full promise of industrial WSN.   There are, however, many other WSN applications where battery limitations may limit or compromise sensor deployments.

Perpetua's product family of Power Puck® 60 Energy Harvesters are designed to address these issues.  These products use thermoelectric power generation (TPG) - a technology that converts the heat flow across a TPG device from two different temperature levels directly into electricity. Perpetua Energy Harvesters convert the heat difference found on many common industrial surfaces -steam pipes, oil and gas lines, waste heat from pumps, motors, fans and other industrial equipment and the ambient air temperature- directly into electrical power.  This power, depending upon the sensors and customer preferences, are able to either supplement the power available from batteries, allowing them to operate longer, or to replace batteries altogether.


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